Hiking in Basel and the surrounding region

Basel offers an array of options for extensive hikes in the countryside or leisurely walks in the city.

Explore Basel on foot: hikes and walks

There are endless exciting hiking trails in Basel that are easily accessible by public transport from within the city. With the BaselCard, which you will receive from us as a guest, you can use local public transport for free. Hiking in Basel has plenty to offer nature enthusiasts as well as culture lovers: marvel at plains, rivers, gorges and vineyards, or look out for traces of the city's development and up-and-coming industry around Basel. For lovers of the ancient world, it is well worth taking a detour to the ancient Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica. 

Take a look at the best hikes in and around Basel below. 

Hiking in Canton Jura

Canton Jura is just a one-hour train ride away from Basel. So if you love hiking, you shouldn't miss out on exploring the beautiful scenery there: dense forests, bare rock walls, mystical lakes, moorland, pastures and more. Explore the range of hiking options independently or follow one of the many set routes. 


The Réclère caves are a highlight worth visiting, for example, where you can marvel at extraordinary stalagmites and stalactites, including the "Dom" or cathedral – at 15 metres tall, it is the largest known stalagmite in Switzerland. The biggest moorland lake, Etang de la Gruère, can be found on the highland plateau of the Freiberge and offers nature enthusiasts many exciting and rare species of flora and fauna. For those with children, the Préhisto-Parc is worth incorporating into a hike: visitors can step back millions of years into the past and encounter dinosaurs, the giants of the prehistoric world. 

Hiking in Basel with the whole family

Hiking in Basel isn't just reserved for experienced hikers as the region also offers leisurely walks and shorter family-friendly routes, of course. The trail to Lange Erlen Animal Park, for instance, is only around five kilometres long and is easily manageable by beginners and as an excursion with children. The circular trail starts at Badischer Bahnhof (German Railway Station) and leads along the Wiese river through the Lange Erlen plain. On this hike through Basel, you can enjoy the natural world and walk at your own pace without having to watch out on overly narrow paths. The hiking trail heads over the city border to Riehen and you can finish off by visiting the well-known animal park at the end, of course.

Hiking in Basel and the surrounding region

Muttenz lies to the east of Basel and is the starting point for this short 7.5-kilometre hike. The first highlight of the route can be found on the Wartenberg in Muttenz: three ruins from the Middle Ages that have survived the centuries. From there, the hike continues along the Rebenweg educational trail towards Egglisgraben and finally on to Weinberge and Pratteln. Here you will find the palace Weiherschloss Pratteln which was built in the 13th century and can still be admired today. The late-Gothic church in Pratteln is also worth a look. 

Famous hiking trail near Basel: the Rehberger-Weg

The Rehberger-Weg is an art trail: 24 "stops" – works by the artist Tobias Rehberger – can be admired along the five-kilometre-long trail. The works of art are weatherproof and stand out from their beautiful natural surroundings. The Rehberger-Weg is a blend of culture and nature and offers an inviting one-and-a-half to two-hour walk. This leads from Weil am Rhein to Riehen, which makes it special in another way too: it crosses the international border between Germany and Switzerland.  

Hiking from Basel to Rheinfelden: the ViaRhenana

The well-known High-Rhine route ViaRhenana winds through Basel. If you want to hike in Basel, don't miss out on the first section of this world-famous trail at the very least: it heads from the city of Basel to Canton Basel-Landschaft and then on to Canton Aargau, although the paths become increasingly narrow and wild. The whole route from Basel to Rheinfelden is around 20 kilometres long, but can be shortened with the aid of public transport if necessary. Around halfway, you can stop off at the ancient Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica. You will need to schedule around two hours extra to visit it. 

Hiking in the Basel region for experts

Experienced hikers can look forward to something very special: the Interregio hiking trail around Basel. 210 kilometres long and divided into eleven sections, the trail winds around Basel and criss-crosses the entire border triangle with two Rhine crossings. Of course you can also choose just to hike a section of the trail around Basel – such as the fourth stage from Rheinfelden to Liestal. 

Leisurely walk in Basel: pedestrianized zone and city sights

If you want to explore Basel on foot, you can spot a host of well-known places of interest at a leisurely pace on this route. Start your walk at the Swiss Railway Station (SBB) and head towards Leonhardsberg. From there, continue on to Basel's City Hall, an impressive historical building. Carry on to Spalentor, where you can admire the well-preserved city gateway and also enjoy a shopping tour of Basel at the same time. For your next sights, you could take in the botanical gardens at the University of Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel and the Minster before heading back to the railway station and finishing your walk through Basel.