Shopping in Basel: the most popular places

Fancy a shopping trip? In Basel, you won't have to go far: the best boutiques, luxury stores and shopping centres are all located right in the old town.

Shopping in Basel: from shopping malls to luxury boutiques

In Basel's old town you will find all the shopping opportunities you could wish for: large department stores, luxury boutiques and unique shops with a local flair stand side by side in front of a picturesque backdrop. It's enough just to take a short walk through the old town: Freie Strasse, Spalenberg and Marktplatz are all within close range of each other and are easily accessible on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. 

You will find top international brands alongside Swiss luxury labels and authentic creative concepts from Basel itself. And if you don't want to browse for long, you are sure to find something in one of the large shopping centres. 

Grossbasel old town: perfect for a walk or a stroll

On a mild day, take a relaxing stroll through the pedestrianized zone in Freie Strasse – Basel's popular shopping street – and revel in the huge array of top brands that await you there. Your walk might lead you on to Spalenberg with its idyllic little streets which are home to a wide range of small boutiques. Inquisitive and creative-minded visitors will really enjoy shopping here in Basel as the local store owners present their unique and authentic brands and goods. Other must-see stops on your shopping expedition include Heuberg, Claraplatz, Greifengasse and Gerbergasse. Incidentally, shopping in Basel can be combined perfectly with a tour of the city. 

Markets in Basel: shopping all year round

Fresh flowers, freshly harvested vegetables and more – all of this awaits you right on Marktplatz in the centre of Basel. Here you can discover regional delicacies in front of the historical backdrop of City Hall. A weekly flea market is held on Petersplatz where you can purchase fabulous souvenirs to take home for next to nothing. You can find regional and seasonal farm produce at the Matthäusmarkt in Feldbergstrasse, while Petersplatz offers another flea market on Saturdays. 

Shopping centres in Basel

It goes without saying that Basel also has its shopping centres. Those who like to keep their shopping simple can happily limit themselves to two big ports of call: the St. Jakob-Park shopping centre and the Pfauen department store have everything you could possibly wish for. Both are located near the city centre and offer an eclectic mixture of fashion, beauty products, lifestyle accessories, culinary delights and more.

Shopping in Basel made easy: shop with a local

Do you want to discover real insider's tips without having to spend ages searching? With the "Shop with a local" offering from the Tourist Information office, shopping in Basel is easy: a shopping guide will accompany you for CHF 15 and take you straight to the best boutiques and most offbeat designer stores. Whether you are looking for fashion items, accessories, Swiss watches or jewellery – your shopping guide will know where to go and take you on an extraordinary shopping trip through the city. That way, shopping in Basel will be a real pleasure.