Experience Basel with children: the best places to visit

Stunning outdoor experiences, exciting detective stories and quirky museums: exploring Basel with children is particularly good fun.

Nature, culture and fun activities for kids: places to visit with children in Basel

The range of family and children's activities in Basel is enormous and diverse: nature enthusiasts and culture lovers alike will find what they're looking for, while the fun activities for kids range from swimming and treasure hunts to animal encounters and roller-coaster rides. 


Thanks to its family-friendly museums, Basel is a great experience with children even on rainy days. One of the highlights has to be Basel Zoo, which is right near Hotel Victoria. Here are some other great places for you to visit with children in Basel. 

Basel Zoo: penguin walks and pelican feeding time

Basel Zoo isn't just worth a visit with children: there are more than 6,500 animals, from angelfish to zebras, to marvel at. During the winter, the king penguins and gentoo penguins take walks in the garden, and children and adults alike can witness the special sight of the daily pelican and sea-lion feeding times. As a guest at Hotel Victoria, you can reach Basel Zoo easily on foot. Incidentally, the BaselCard gives you a 50% discount on the admission price. Ask us about it.

Cycle rides in Basel: explore the outdoors with children

Section 9 of the famous Rhine Route leads over 24 kilometres from Rheinfelden (Canton Aargau) to Basel. Some parts of the route are perfect for cycling with children. Near the cycle path, you can also visit the Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica and step back 2,000 years in time. 

Experience Basel with children and Inspector Basil

Anyone visiting Basel with children must be sure not to miss the city treasure hunt with Inspector Basil. The little dragon will send the kids off on a two-hour treasure hunt to solve puzzles and be amazed by the fabulous sights around the city. Register at Basel Tourist Information. 

Basel's Cartoon Museum for the whole family

Insiders' tip: discover a museum in Basel that is equally fascinating for children, young people and adults. At the Cartoon Museum you can marvel at Mickey Mouse and his friends, of course, but there are also plenty of other funny, politically and socially relevant comics and caricatures. 

A taste of nature for families and children in Basel: the Rheinpfad (Rhine trail)

The Rhine trail leads from Basel to Kaiseraugst in Canton Aargau where you can take in the fabulous natural scenery: along the approximately 13 kilometre-long hiking trail, the whole family can admire the rushing river, watch animals and – the good swimmers at least – even take a dip in the Rhine

Anatomical Museum in Basel

The Anatomical Museum belongs to the University of Basel Faculty of Medicine. The museum has created special workshops for children, but the rest of the family will also be fascinated by genuine specimens of various parts of the body and organs. Changing special exhibitions make the Anatomical Museum appealing even on a second or third visit. 

Basler Papiermühle (Basel's paper mill)

The history of paper, writing and printing may not be that exciting for children in itself. But the museum is housed in a genuine medieval paper mill and also gives visitors the chance to touch and try out things for themselves. Children (and adults too, of course) can have a go at making paper, write with a real goose quill or type-set their own name – bringing history to life.

Europa-Park in Rust

Once you've exhausted all the possibilities in Basel with the children, there is still one more very special highlight for the whole family: Germany's biggest theme park is just 50 minutes' drive from Basel. Visitors can explore 14 European-themed areas which capture the character of each country with architecture and plant life as well as food. More than 100 attractions guarantee that the children will never forget their trip to Basel.